About Emflux

Emflux Motors was founded in 2016 by the motorcycle enthusiasts who sensed the great superiority of electric motorcycles over conventional fuel motorcycles. They started developing India's first electric sports bike with the focus on developing technologies to revolutionize motorcycle industry.

Emflux Motors offers technologically advanced, unique, high-performance electric motorcycle to provide emission free transport for commuters. This product is designed as a lithium Ion battery alternative to the petrol/gas motorcycle. With instant acceleration, the electric motorcycle can go from 0-100 km/hr in under 3.5 seconds and has a top speed of 170 km/h, with a sensible commuting range of 200 km. The time to charge 0-80% will be in less than 36 min from a DC fast charge station.

Current Investors

<a href=Nikhil Arora" />

Nikhil Arora

Senior Consultant at EY, Investment Banker at HSBC & Nomura, ESCP Paris, IIT KGP.

<a href=Nitish Singh" />

Nitish Singh

CFO-Jugnoo, Growth - E2E Networks, Analyst-Cartagena Capital, ESCP Paris, IIT D

Risabh Gupta

Risabh Gupta

Serial Entrepreneur, IIM L

<a href=Meher Roy" />

Meher Roy

Entrepreneur, Bitcoin (specializing in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology), IITD

<a href=Krit Sankalp" />

Krit Sankalp

Strategy and Corporate Finance in Europe, USA, and India. ESCP Paris, IIT KGP

<a href=Meet Kanodia" />

Meet Kanodia

Investment Banker Active investor in auto and real estate sectors, TAP Advisor, HSBC, ESCP Paris, IIT D


Varun Mittal

CEO & Co-founder

Professional Background Extensive experience in transportation market and growth startups in India Most recently, Chief Growth Officer – Jugnoo Education ESCP Europe - MS IIT Delhi - Engineering



Professional Background Management experience in transportation market, growth startups, and research firms in India Most recently, Venture Launch Manager– Jugnoo Education IBA Delhi - MBA, Bangalore University - BCA.

Vinay Raj Somashekhar


Professional Background Extensive experience in design & engineering of two- wheelers in India Most recently, Motorcycle Designer at TVS Motor Co.  Education DSK- ISD, Pune – Design SPD, Milan, Italy – Design Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering – Engineering

Engineers - Management - Designers

Engineers - Management - Designers

Please drop your query: Contact@emfluxmotors.com 


Feel free to visit us:

IKP EDEN, 16 Bhuvanappa Layout, main Tavarekere Road, Bangalore-560029, Karnataka, India.